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This Wikia, founded By Zener, is for the lifestyle, secrets, stories, habits and a lot more of Zener and her pack! You'll be able to join the pack, too! Zen out!

I, HugeClockTowerFan, have jurisdiction here until Zener makes her return. This Wiki is currently being built over from the ground up, so please bear with us while many people are promoted/demoted. The barren list there now will eventually fill up.

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  • VeronicaDean101

    Its me, er, roxy. I doubt anyone remembers me. Damn i was young when i was on here. I'll be downloading the aminos app soon. uh, i guess ill do an update on who i remember and stuff and if anyone kno…

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  • S3any23

    Still can't believe I remembered this

    Oh man, these were good times.... 

    As you probably can tell, i have not been active in a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.. It's safe to say my Wikia days are …

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  • Zero the Half Animatronic


    January 23, 2018 by Zero the Half Animatronic

    This is it... it's finally it.. where it all starts.. comes down to a new platform.. This was a long journey for me, and since then. I've became more inactive than ever. This website was the first ch…

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