Once upon a time, in the FNaF Wikia Chat, there was a Zoruachocofox named Zoruachocofox. One day, MikeTheGuardAtFreddy's came into the chat. Zoruachocofox decided to be random and came to the door of his office. "Knock knock!" she said. Eventually, she got Mike to say "Who's there?", with some persuasion via puppy dog eyes. Then, Zorua kicked down the door and yelled "THE DOOR!" The door hit Mike, but he still laughed. Now whenever one of them says "Knock knock!", the other one yells "DOOR" and kicks down a door. Zorua also uses doors in fights/stuff, and hits Mike The Security Guard and JeremyTheOtherGuard with doors randomly. And that is Teh Door Story. Thank you, and DOOR! *hits whoever is reading with door* (Lolwut)

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