I'm guessing that it's getting out of hand, right now, i thought we're all done with all of this, but now it's getting really crazy, are you guys really alright? I've seen the "Activity" and i notice there are ALTS of random person that's harassing Zen. Right now, this blog will be closed if she wants it to. I knew it would be much more bad than i expected, 2017 is gonna be a Online War of this wikia, I kinda feel bad for Zen and The person who made those alts like, I'm still young and i'm able to witness everything. What is going on with all this and my life, I've never encounter'd this alot, I'm just useless as i type this randomly, right now, this blog sounds like a random post even though it's not, I'm not interested into this, and i think i should stay away from the  situation before i got involved.

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