Hey G's, what's up?! Today I'll be introducing myself and sharing pages to find me and my cool stuff (( My friends say it's cool don't judge me please... ))

I'm Zener

As G's probably know via the name I'm Zener or Z or even Zenpai (( thank you Z )) I'm the founder of this wiki, as it say at the starting page, which I need to add more stuff too....., you can add back stories to a character or characters of your choice as long as they're sensible I'm fine with it, if something is wrong me or one of my staff will fix it! This wiki is appropriate for younger and older kids and teens and even adults. Please follow the rules I don't want to ban anyone.

 My Pages And Contacts 

Ok I have more then a few contacts for you,

Other Things

Emails, and

Umm... Yeah Zen Out!