Hai G's, How's everyone? G I hope, cause SANTA IS COMMIN TO TOWN!!!! XD Merry Christmas Eve Eve everyone!!! What are you G's doin for Xmas?? And wow the years FLOOOOOOOWWNN by at record speed!! Even faster then a Fosh....ok gettin back on track merry white and cold / rainy and sunny christmas what do you G's want for Christmas? You never know Zenpai mite tell santa what some of you G's want.... :) I have a XMAS breakfest kinda thing and a lunch too on Xmas day so yeah I'll prbs be up till 4 am then sneak out and take my present and put them in my bedroom den fall asleep, oh and I mite be gettin a YouTube channel ^-^ I hope I do Itd be another way I could chat to you G's!!! EEEEE!! Ok before I go overload... Zen Out!~ EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

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