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  • ZenerRocksMC


    September 18, 2016 by ZenerRocksMC

    Okay, so at the moment I do not have my phone nor iPad so I'm using school computers to come on chat. I have one week left of school and won't be here on Tuesday. I come on around 8:20 am my time. and leave around 8:35am, then i come back on two hours later, today I have a history test also, on Wednesday I have a math test and on Thursday I'm getting my SRC ( School Representitive ) badge. I'm also going insane. So yeah.

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  • ZenerRocksMC

    New Topic!

    July 27, 2015 by ZenerRocksMC

    Hey G's! What is up with you lot? Okay anyway, I was thinking of having a drawing competition for a roleplay scene. You can make up your own scene and if you are going to have other people's characters in there, ask for a rerfence please! This could be an epic battle between the light and dark pack for example or it could be in the treehouse, or even the villiage down the boarder road. I am so sorry for not being on lately, I've had school and all that, I have been on Skype a lot and that's because it's easier then continuously tabbing in and out of apps... I have a LOAD of fan fictions coming in so make sure to watch the "Zener's Random shipments and Fan Fic's" page. I'll get the link here; . Mkay! Love you all my lovely pack! Zen OUT~!

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  • ZenerRocksMC

    Happy New Years!!!

    December 31, 2014 by ZenerRocksMC

    HAI GS, ITS THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN EEEEEEE!!!! I can't wait to watch the firework show in Sydney!!! I think the 7 Prime channel are streaming it so if you wanna watch it just look it up on google and it'll come up!! My mums got party things we're gonna do as well! Happy New Hear everyone! Zen Out!~

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  • ZenerRocksMC

    Hai G's, How's everyone? G I hope, cause SANTA IS COMMIN TO TOWN!!!! XD Merry Christmas Eve Eve everyone!!! What are you G's doin for Xmas?? And wow the years FLOOOOOOOWWNN by at record speed!! Even faster then a Fosh....ok gettin back on track merry white and cold / rainy and sunny christmas what do you G's want for Christmas? You never know Zenpai mite tell santa what some of you G's want.... :) I have a XMAS breakfest kinda thing and a lunch too on Xmas day so yeah I'll prbs be up till 4 am then sneak out and take my present and put them in my bedroom den fall asleep, oh and I mite be gettin a YouTube channel ^-^ I hope I do Itd be another way I could chat to you G's!!! EEEEE!! Ok before I go overload... Zen Out!~ EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

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  • ZenerRocksMC


    December 8, 2014 by ZenerRocksMC

    Hey G's, what's up?! Today I'll be introducing myself and sharing pages to find me and my cool stuff (( My friends say it's cool don't judge me please... ))

    I'm Zener

    As G's probably know via the name I'm Zener or Z or even Zenpai (( thank you Z )) I'm the founder of this wiki, as it say at the starting page, which I need to add more stuff too....., you can add back stories to a character or characters of your choice as long as they're sensible I'm fine with it, if something is wrong me or one of my staff will fix it! This wiki is appropriate for younger and older kids and teens and even adults. Please follow the rules I don't want to ban anyone.

    My Pages And Contacts

    Ok I have more then a few contacts for you,

    • dA, http://zenerrocksmc.d…
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