So I'm SlakingOff and I'll be running the NWO of the future but in the meanwhile I'll be admin on this wikia. First things first RAQ:

Q1) Can I be an Admin?

A1) No, at least not yet. We have an extensive staff that's always working diligently and are trying to provide the best we can so for now no.

Q2) Can I change the colour of my name?

A2) No, you can't without seeing either Me (SlakingOff) or S3any23 and you must have a decent reason to want this change and because I want it won't cut it.

Q3) What do you do here?

A3) This wikia was built the Zenpai to document everything she does and ever will do. It's also a chat hub and a RP wikia. We don't offer free cookies. I think I'll have a cookie now...

Q4) Do I have to worship Admins?

A4) No, well not yet anyway *rubs hands together*. No we just want you guys to be happy and that's the most important thing that we strive for.

Next, Chain of Command. At the top we have the illustrious Zenpai who rules this wikia as the Creator and Founder, after that you have the Triple Z, the Triple Z are the managers and smiley people of the internet. They are Zero the Animatronic, ZenerRocksMC and Zoruachocofox. Some believe in the Quadruplet of Z, this has an elusive member know as ZenFaith. Next, is The Admins who consist of S3any23, sparkster1234, Zoruachocofox and SlakingOff. These are the guards of the wikia and specialise in anti-vandalism and anti-bullying. Finally you have the Chat Mods, these guys manage the chat and protect it.

So that's all I want to say apart from the fact that I will be running a coding project on the CSS of the Wikia.

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