aka Pumpkin

  • I live in a place... i honstly dont know
  • I was born on December 16
  • My occupation is Being me
  • I am A Female [Neko]
  • Pumpkingirl1216

    Well... everyone hates me so! I'll be going for a while, I might come in chat but that's only to see if someone is on... damn... I hope he doesn't hate me to....

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  • Pumpkingirl1216

    I don't know why I even try, no one gives a fuck like I don't even exist. im done with this shit. being treated like shit pisses me off. so please if I talk can atlease SOMEONE act like im a real fucking person... sorry I just needed to get my anger out, before I take it out on my brother...

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  • Pumpkingirl1216

    Sorry guys, im leaveing all of wikia because I have no want to be here, all my friends are on Skype so I can just be there, my wiki was glitching so I couldn't do PMs. I will be on Skype if im ever needed just notify me on Skype. Love you all and ill miss anyone I cant Skype.

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  • Pumpkingirl1216


    March 17, 2015 by Pumpkingirl1216

    OOOOOH, I haz found somethin! x3 I have no clue what im doin! YAY! 'MURICA AND CHEESE BUGERS! And don't forget... "IM THE HERO!" - America

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