Jay (Baka)

  • I live in Malaysia
  • I was born on March 20
  • My occupation is nothing tbh
  • I am Male
  • Jay (Baka)

    Pointless blog

    June 1, 2015 by Jay (Baka)

    Hey,so ya'll only need to hear these words.

    I won't be here for a while.

    Ok bai.

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  • Jay (Baka)

    Hey,guys.It's me,Happy.Apparently,this wiki has been really a good part of my life.Keeps me very sane.Well,like a few people,I'm going to be away.But mine is for a year.ONE.F-CKING.YEAR.I get 4 hours of sleep in total (24 hours).No internet,no games, just studies.I'll miss all of you.Yes,even the ones I don't like.I might not come back because of death,but I hope I do.So yeah,hope you have a better life than I do.School was postposned so I was lucky.But I have 4 days until I have to go.What?You hate me? I don't care.Say whatever you want. "Good f-cking riddance" "See ya later b1tch" "I hope you f-cking die" I don't care.So yeah,leaving at 12th or 11th January.I might kill myself.I might get killed.Well,when the time has come,bye!*starts cr…

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