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  • Jane The Psychotic Killer

    Good morning/afternoon/evening.

    I'm here to announce that this Wikia is no longer officially active, we have moved to different platforms for a more pleasant and fun experience.

    We already have our Discord server which you will need to ask Nik to enter

    But there is also an Amino community being worked on right now, So be excited for that!

    It's most likely time to close down this chapter and begin a new one since right now this place has been collecting a lot of dust.

    It will be for Nik to decide if she would want to keep this page to stay or to remove it.

    To every member who ever joined and showed love and support, We thank you for being a part of this community.

    If you would like to have more information about this Please contact Zener, Me or Ty…

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  • Jane The Psychotic Killer


    November 9, 2016 by Jane The Psychotic Killer


    If you'd like to hang out, Please do consider joining that.

    It might be empty now. But new users are always welcome!

    Cya there!


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  • Jane The Psychotic Killer

    Hello everyone.

    I just wanted to say that i'm really going to miss this wikia.

    As whimpy and weak as it sounds..

    I'm going to remember all of you in a good way.









    Viktor (James)


    Foxy the Pirate 1.



    Dr Quillo 

    So many names.. yet i can't remember all of them.

    All of you have made such a good and positive impact to my life.

    As cringy as it might sound since i know this seems like a drama post.

    But i just want ALL of you to know that everyone has earned a special place in my heart.

    Old members might know that my own Sister Eliza downed bottle of sleep medication to "end" her life.

    She had to go to the hospital to pump the stumache acid and medication out of her body.

    I was so shocked this happened and yo…

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  • Jane The Psychotic Killer
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  • Jane The Psychotic Killer

    If anyone reads this.

    I'm currently hunting in the woods with Toby Rogers, Tim and Brian (Ticci-Toby, Masky, Hoodie)

    It feels good to smell fresh blood again...


    I'm part of the Proxy now.

    I have to follow the Operators orders at all costs.

    Toby Masky and Hoodie are also part of the pack.

    They seem to enjoy on how i brutally kill my victims.

    ... I have to go now.

    Toby spotted someone with a camera walking within the dark woods.

    Time to have lots of F̨͗̂̎̐̉̐̿̽̀҉̣͖̜͚̥̩U̢̬̾ͯ͂̒ͣ́͠N̡̥͚̠͙̰ͪͩ̊̓͡


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