• GraythePotato321


    so...recently i drew moonman for a friend of mine in chat

    DB511611 which went kinda well!

    so i got the idea to make a commissions page for any character you want!

    it depends on how you want me to draw it.

    Face only - about 5-10 minutes?

    up to the shoulder - around 30 minutes to one hour.

    up to the chest - one to two hours

    full body - five hours to a full day

    well, i won't gurantee it wouldn't go so well but i'm pretty confident!

    so....if you guys want, send me a picture of a character

    (or give me details about your oc if you want)

    and i'll try to draw it for you!

    EDIT: i may add backgrounds or any secondary characters!

    but it will take twice as long as the normal single character art.

    AAAAAANYWHOOOOO, that's all folks!


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  • GraythePotato321

    Hello, i'll be usrprised if anyone from the original pack would read this but.


    i mean, seriously. why even bother coming here if noone's even coming here anymore.

    everyone's busy with life and other htings and i'm just sitting here drawing crap.

    but sometimes, i have the urge to visit this wiki one more time and i have no idea why.

    i really want to know where the hell everyone is.

    and if you tell me that everyone's online at night here in asia

    lies, i've stayed up for atleast 3 o'clock in the morning waiting for someone to stop by

    but noooo, i'm just alone being idle. for all i know everyone's in skype or just busy with life.

    and i'm fine with that, i respect that. i just want to say hello and goodbye one…

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  • GraythePotato321

    Hello to all who plays Brave Frontier!

    and if you don't then you're free to leave.

    aaanyways. if you have a brave frontier can you type your account id on the comments below (so i can add ya of course :D)

    that is all.


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  • GraythePotato321

    Hey guys, it's me again. I just wanna say you guys were very awesome, you all supported me in my troubles anD i wanna say thank you, to all of you. I may acted like a fool and an idiot infront of you guys but i only did that to make you guys happy, well now you know that not much people are coming to the chat anymore (probably busy with school or something.) so i probably won't come back any sooner due to school around the corner, and i made a promise to my parent's to improve my studies, i will still come back here for only a few times just to talk, but i may not be active anymore. Sorry to everyone i hurt without me knowing, sorry. I just want to say thanks and sorr…

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  • GraythePotato321

    what's with people in the Q&A thingy....i might try it but nah, still got some busy stuff in my schedule. well...if you want you can ask XD

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