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  • I live in Inside your Fedora. Everyone has a Fedora, right?
  • My occupation is Wearing Ushankas.
  • I am A Fox. Simple.
  • ChristopherTheFox

    Okay, since I got blocked (Sorry about that BTW) I took it as an opportunity to take a break from the wiki for like, a month or so. Yeah yeah, not very long, but enough. And plus, I took a break from my computer as a whole. I think it was a good idea, since it boosted my morale in life overall. Since I got off I've been doing various stuff on the level in which you burn ants with a magnifying glass, but it kept me occuppied nonetheless.

    But, to the point, I'm back!

    Now go back to what you were doing. Shoo.

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  • ChristopherTheFox

    So, if you don't know (you wouldn't, I didn't tell anyone), I'm going on Year 6 camp for 5 days (WOOH!) starting from monday 18th, so I won't be on from that period of time. And, just in case your're wondering, because I AM in 6th grade...

    Shit's gonna go down...


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  • ChristopherTheFox

    Dare Me....

    May 11, 2015 by ChristopherTheFox

    Oh, I'm gonna regret this...

    So, I was bored as I always am, so I decided to... *sigh* Make one of these...

    Ask away...

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  • ChristopherTheFox

    Ask Foxy

    April 4, 2015 by ChristopherTheFox

    Hey guys! Foxy here! You can ask me any question that you're wondering down on the comment sectino below!

    Ask away!

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