I am very experienced with computers and am willing to help people who need help. This includes codes, If for some reason a code is not working, You can let me know and i'll take a look at it, However i am not willing to script something for you, I will only make edits. I am also experienced with photo editing, And i have expensive software to do it with, Sadly i can not make high quality pictures due to the fact that i have disgraphia which makes it very hard for  me to make good high quality pictures, However i can make pixellated stuff and make edits to photos, Lets say your emoticon shows white around it when you say something in the chat, I can fix that for you, just send me it and i will send you the link of the fixed one. I am also slightly experienced with legal stuff, I can help write policies and inform you on wether certain things are legal or not if you are not sure, But do note that i am not the best when it comes to legal stuff, But im decently good.

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