Note: This contains Canon characters, if this is Allowed I will continue to write, but if it is Not, please delete it.

Hey Everyone, It's Fred, Brendan, Akira, Dark, all the names I was used to be called and shite.

Anyways welcome to my new Fiction, Pokemon has become bae (not shit dammit)

And because of that I got obsessed with it, so here we are.. Talking about the Fan fic instead of just writing it.. Anyways Here we go! Enjoy Peeps.

The Start of A New Journey Edit

Chapter 1 ~ The Objective Edit

Red waited on the top of Mt. Silver, he can remember all of his memories from when he first got his pokemon, Revision from it got into his attention, he daydreamed about it, not caring if there is a new challenger..

"Red?" His mother shouted, "Y-Yeah?!" Red responded, not taking a look away from his PC, "Professor Oak called, He said he wanted to meet you.." His Mother pointed out, Red eventually came out his door in exitement, "Is it ready?!" Red said, before he could fall down the stairs..

"Y'know, you should be more careful.." His mother exclaimed in worry, "H-Heh, no time to waste" Red said Hurriedly, running out the door, running to the professor's lab, and before he could enter, Blue was there, Red grunted trying to get in there first, "Quit pushing!" Blue says, "You're the one who pushed first!" Red said, The rivals were stopped..

"What's all the ruckus about?" Professor Oak says, "Gramps/Professor!" Blue and Red said in unison, "Is it done?!" Blue says, "here.." Professor Oak says, giving Blue a pokedex, "Here's one for you too Red." Professor Oak says, giving Red a pokedex, "Hey Gramps, you haven't forgotten your promise right?" Blue says, "I haven't forgotten" Oak says..

Chapter 2 ~ A New StartEdit

To be Edited Shortly :3..