The Rumi Pirates Edit

The Rumi pirates are currently nameless with a combined bounty of 160,000,000 Beli, but are planning to make their move on the World government when they get their chance. More coming soon...

Members Edit


Night Shift - Rumia : Captain of the Rumi Pirates. Bounty: 40,000,000 Beli.

The Rumi Pirates are currently rivaling the "Team Pirate" pirates.

Possesser of the Op-Op Devil Fruit, having abilities to create "Rooms" which can manipulate objects and people.


Tyler : A mysterious man known to be related in some way to Rumia. Bounty: 120,000,000 Beli.

Not much is known about Tyler. All the information we could gather is a report from the military. The report was covered in blood and reads as follows. 

NAME: Tyler ??? (No last name has been discovered, please investigate into the matter)

BOUNTY: 120,000,000 Beli or $1,453,000 US dollars

VICTIMS: 389 known, countless unknown

SENTENCE: 5,943 years

INFO: Seems to be-(illegible due to blood)- in his killings. Possible necromancy link, as well as sacrifice.


On the bottom is a handwritten note: "Possible Nightmare counterpart? Have Investigations Dept. do some snooping and have R&D run research. We wi---______" A long pen mark leads down the paper. The handwriting is unrecognizable.

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