"We shall cut into the heart of this operation, retrieve the booty, and burn any scum that stands in our way!" - Wyld 

The Yielding Army of Raiders (Or "'Yar" for short.) is a group of pirate-related characters who are part of the Wolf Pack. The team is more commonly known as Team Pirate.

Their goal is to work together in finding treasures across the world.


Team Pirate is currently made up of four members, but are willing to allow others to join their ranks only if they complete The Three Trials. This shows a description about them and their abilities.  

Wyld Cat - The leader of Team Pirate. Wyld (Usually referred to as "Cap'n") is a thief who built his life stealing items of great value. While he may not want to do the right thing, he still knows what needs to be done at times.

First-Mate Happy - An orphan who ran away from his orphanage due to constant bullying. He eventually met up with Wyld who convinced Happy to join Team Pirate.

- Foxy Fazbear - The original Foxy the Pirate Fox. A six-and-a-half foot tall animatronic fox who originates from Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. Rumor has it that he is haunted by the fourth child who was murdered by The Purple Man.

Freddy the Pirate - Not much is known about Freddy, but he mentions someone named "Cap'n Vor" every now and then.

Zorua -  A silly pirate who is easily capable of thievery through her many uses of stealth. 

Foxina The Fox - Foxina is a loyal companion who cares deeply for the rest of the crew. On her free time, she enjoys watching Hetalia.


Pumpkin - The newest addition to Team Pirate. At times she can be sweet, but every once in awhile she'll annoy the Cap'n and Foxy, and enjoy it.

The Three TrialsEdit

The Three Trials is a series of tests that a person would have to undergo in order to become a member of Team Pirate. First, they would have to master the sword, a common pirate trait. Second, they must also have some skill in the art of thievery. And finally, they must go treasure hunting. After this, they must bring back proof that they have done it. Once that is complete, they will be happily accepted into Team Pirate. This can be done in the chat when the Cap'n or Foxy Fazbear is around. 

Then, ye may drink grog with us!


Fun FactsEdit

(Team Pirate members can add to this.)

Fun Fact: Foxina has a large fluffy tail. She uses it to dodge/defend herself or anyone from hits sometimes.

Fun Fact: Two Team Pirate members refuse to drink and are in fact trying to find ways to ban alcohol using special methods.

Fun Fact: Currently, Foxina and Wyld are the only members who are active.