"Imagine that there's a different world where there's an exact opposite version of you. Well, there is." 


Nightmare Fire, an example of a Nightmare counterpart.

Nightmare counterparts are the polar opposite versions of ones self, existing in a different dimension. Whether the person is evil or not the Nightmare counterpart would be their complete opposite, not necessarily meaning that they'll be evil. 

The Nightmare counterpart would sometimes also have powers that their original does not, even if they didn't have powers to begin with.

Nightmare CounterpartsEdit

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Nightmare Fire: The Nightmare counterpart to Fire. He is constantly looking for something but will not specify what it is. Nightmare Fire has superhuman strength and durability, far greater than Fire's. He is shown to be covered in many scars and scratches which adds to his intimidating appearance (Opposite to Fire's friendly appearance), the scars around his mouth make it seem like he is always smiling. Nightmare Fire also speaks in what can be described as a "loud whisper", talking in a calm and collective tone. He is a force to be reckoned with.

- Nightmare Zorua:

- Nightmare Zener:

- TwistedCha0tic (Gray): the Chaotic counterpart of Gray, he was created from the memories of his demented past making him a cruel enemy. His tactics are mostly stabbing a person multiple times until they die from pain or bloodloss his appearance makes him look like joker due to him cutting up his mouth. His choice of weapons are mostly knives and hooks

- Cardes the Malevolent (Kyle): Also known as the King of Demons. He is also a part of the four fallen gods, his main choice of fighting is using his demonic powers, he can use demonic biomass to make a flesh titan to control.

- TheInformationKeeper (Jack): not much is known about him other than being one of the oldest beings alive. He was alive in the day of the creation and continued to live and keep the information he has gathered throughout history. He can change his appearance and weaponry making him also one of the hardest demons to predict, he can control time,space,chaos he has two most used appearances. One is a withered puppet and the other as the Worker of Secrets

- Scissorman (Nightmare Tyler): The Nightmare counterpart to Tyler. Is a ruthless killer known as the Scissorman. Known to be part of the pack of pirates known as the Rumi Pirates. He is heartless and will not hesitate to attack even the most innocent of people. Invincible to everything except a spell that must be recited in a specific area that is his origins, he is one person you NEVER want to cross.