"Hmph! Like if I ever love you!"

As a sister of Akira, she's different from her older brother, she was along with Akira's dark mistakes, when the tragedy struck, everyone of their family members thought Akira died, but when Mizuki met Akira while she was exiled away from their clan, she assumed it was a hallucination of missing her brother, but when Akira reached in and hugged his little sister, she jumped out of joy.

                                                        "Onii-chan is alive~!"


She has Turqoise Green Eyes, Dark Brown Hair, White Polo Shirt, Green Tie, Black Jacket, Gray Skirt, Black Kneesocks with a White Stripe, and Black Shoes.

Anime 6



Akira - Her loving brother.

Azazel - She has a little crush on him, she likes to call him "Azu-kun"

Katsuo - He is too overprotective to her, he even attacked Azazel for just going out with Mizuki


Stubborn, Loving, and Tidy


Mizushima Emblem - Unlike her brother, her Emblem gives her the ability to control Liquids.

Wakizashi Blade - Her blade is made out of hardened Liquid Hydrogen, Solid enough to break through Moons bigger than Titan.


Telekinesis - She's just like her brother, even though she doesn't know much about it.

Matter Manipulation - she can manipulate Gases, and Liquids, eventually leaving her wet and dry everytime.

Regeneration - Just like her brother, she can regenerate every limb of hers.


Omega Slap - her hand is ignited with harmful flaming nitrogen, she then slaps her target sending them flying with a huge hand print on their face.

Mizuki Special - she runs towards her enemies, and attacks them with Gasous flames, giving off a harmful smell of burnt rubber.

Eradicating Liquid - she attacks with her Emblem and uses the Liquids to be hot as lava, burning her target if hit.

Ending Darkness - She hides herself in shadows, and attacks with all her might.


"N-No! Don't think dirty things!"

"I really don't care, so just do whatever.."

"What is this anyways?!"

"Onii-chan! Don't Leave me like this!"

Random Information:Edit

Height - 5"2'

Build - Slim

Favorite Food - Miso

Age: 12-14

Status: Alive

That's all.