LRFFXIII Street Witch
Luma is mischievous, flirty and quite dirty as well.

Luma's Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Luma is aged at about 12 and has pink hair styled in a pigtail to the left and behind her ear. She wears a black dress made of raven feathers and leather. Her face is small, she has blue eyes and her body is delicate. She wears black and grey checkered tights. She also wears black knee high boots. She always carries around her signature flute which is capable of many different things. Her personality is mischievous, flirty and a bit dirty. She enjoys taunting both girls and boys about her body and has been know to cause sporadic nose bleeds.

Luma's MagicEdit

Luma is able to manipulate unstable chaos and can shape and wield it as a weapon and can take people into the chaos itself. She can also raise dead people and use them as soldier's. Using a black crystal on her gloves, she can disintegrate people into a black fine powder that tastes like bubble gum. She can also teleport and is the Master and girlfriend of The Night of Stars.