• 1. Don't be rude.
  • 2. Be nice to all.
  • 3. BE FRIENDS!
  • 4. Don't vandalize. Punishment is a perma-block.
  • 5. Don't harass. Punishment is a 2-hour ban.
  • 6. Racism is not tolerated.
  • 7. Follow the Administration team when told.
  • 8. Don't harass the Administration team for privileges. They come to who they deserve.
  • 9. Do not promote people unless Zener allows you to.
  • 10. Do not insult others.
  • 11. Wikia contributors can NOT make pages!
  • 12. Please make sure your pictures/pages/videos are OK for younger viewers.
  • 13. Don't Badge Farm
  • 14. No tracing IPs in any way.
  • 15. Do not create Alternate accounts if you are banned. You were banned for a reason.
  • 16. Slight cussing is allowed
  • 17. Any Romance/Sexual content is either not said or left to Private Message.
  • 18. Don't bring your own problems into the chat. It's not helpful
  • 19. Don't talk of any self harm activities anywhere on the Wikia. It belongs somewhere else.
  • 20. Staff, Do not kick anyone for a joke unless they understand. If you are abusing it, you will be punished.

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