Gamma's AppearanceEdit

Gamma is 16-year-old girl with bright blue hair and wears a pair of black jeans and a black top that reads 'Pain is just a Milestone in life'. Her hair is stylised so that the right side is slightly longer than the left. Her eyes are a radiant purple colour and she has a creepy smile that's almost sadistic. She has a large silver katana strapped to her back and on her left arm is a small black shield.

Gamma's PersonalityEdit

Gamma is arrogant, ignorant and extremely intelligent. She seldom speaks to anybody because they need to show her they are any where near as intelligent as her. She can play the bass and electric guitar and has a beautiful voice because she is a descendant of the angel Raziel. She has only recently come into existence and is the overdrive of Omega.

Gamma's AbilitiesEdit

Gamma has the ability to change into any set of armour and use any weapon she chooses to because of her magic. She refers to the weapons, magic and armour as Schemata and the armour by itself as a garb. She can manifest a pair of angel wings onto her back giving her the ability to fly.